Do the Work

I never thought I would do cardio, or give a damn about what I shoveled into my gullet. But the day came around my 30'th birthday, when I decided to test myself in something new, exciting, and unknown. 

I started lifting at age 18, in my freshman year at Bible college in Pensacola, FL. Weightlifting changed my life. Twelve years and a few strongman trophies later, my love for weightlifting had turned pre-nostalgic.Training sessions lost aggression, my waistline got bigger, and my deadlift dropped from 800lbs down to a pathetic mid-5's. 

When I decided to quit half-assing powerlifting and take something serious again, my life changed yet again, thanks to weightlifting. The rigor and discipline demanded by bodybuilding, rivals the stress of Olympic competitors and requires the aggression of a gladiator. I've studied dozens of classic bodybuilders and have found a common thread among the greats. Discipline, dominance, confidence, aggression, and desire. The focus to achieve a truly stunning physique capable of performing impressive feats of strength must be zeroed in precisely.

My training sessions the last few weeks have been fucking savage. Pursuing a challenging new concept of training is refreshing. Mental stimulation on a supercharged level has been a side effect of the vigor coursing in my veins. I know I'm not alone on this planet as the only person guilty of laziness. Sloth of body and of mind wrecks productivity, creativity, and fulfillment. For evolution to be true, we need be the type of people who learn, grow, and invent.  



So why discipline yourself? What really is the advantage of structure, and having the balls to repeatedly sacrifice in the present for a better future? Fulfillment, my friends, beats happiness every day but Saturday, 'cause Saturdays are for the boys. Forcing yourself out of comfort zones with structure and discipline, creates better habits. Better habits inevitably increase the quality of your life. You may not want to be a bodybuilder worthy of honoring the greats of the Golden Days, maybe you just want your life to be different in some way, and not so damned boring. Try teaching yourself something new, every day, over and over, until you master it. Do it with one thing or do it with a few, but you know the old saying as well as I, "Jack of all trades, master of none!". Discipline creates true self worth. 

Domination is easily misrepresented as a classic bully trait. Don't be a bully. Dominate yourself, your body, and mind, not other people. Its easy after any small success to get too big for ones britches, and foolishly think the rarified air you breathe is better than everyone else's. Dominance over your own weakness, and command of your thoughts and actions is important to succeed at any craft. I read a news article about a professional football player who played a game hours after his infant son had died. Arnold infamously skipped his father's funeral to train for the Mr. Olympia. That drive to win isn't common among normal people. For some reason 'adequate' and getting a 'C' was deemed a worthy goal. Be the one who rises above mediocrity, challenge yourself and dominate the challenge.

The discipline of a dominant mindset creates confidence. Confidence-not cockiness. Confidence is having faith in yourself to assess and choose the right courses of action in any circumstance. It's putting your best foot forward every fucking time you do something. Confidence isn't bred through weak stomached decisions. Sack up and do the damn thing. Own your actions, and your confidence levels will rise as you are forced to think in high resolution and make smarter decisions.

Aggression. Oh boy, here we go. Aggression is a mindset and an approach to life. It's always being on the offensive, being proactive, and grabbing the bull by the horns before the bull stomps your ass into the dust. When you grab the weights, grip them like your life depended on it. Run your jogging route in the morning like you're delivering a life saving message to a friend. Paint that picture boldly and leave interpretation of yourself no question as to who YOU are. Being your truest self is fulfillment in a nutshell.

The last trait I noticed as a commonality of the greats is desire. The thirst, hunger, want, and lust after something not easily attainable is enough to drive people to do insane things. We want to harness that power of want and use it to pursue our dreams in a postive manner. Desire creates more junkies than it does superstars, don't be a piece of shit human. Jordan Peterson said we need to balance our decisions of what's best for us in the realm of whats best for our societal units. Desire can be a weakness, make it your strength. Choose how you think and feel about things and transform your life. Want the right things and the right things will present themselves within your grasp. 


Do the work, eat 2A Nutrition.





  • Alan, glad you enjoyed the read! Weekly news and monthly spotlight interviews of veterans and first responders will be in this section!

    Andrew Opel
  • Good read! How often will you be posting ?


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