I Quit My Job

I'm a huge fan of capitalism, obviously. What I have a problem with is the entrenched, and monotonous feeling people get when working the 9-5, punching a time clock, and helping build someone else's. I've been blessed to work for people who motivated me to be like them. People who encouraged me to be better and do more. That's the kind of boss I want to be when I start hiring people to run my business. I want to tell people to want bigger than I can offer them, and to not limit themselves into a decided role that you accept and get stuck in for 40 years.

Entrepreneurism is now, the age and time of stepping out on your own and slicing yourself a big old chunk of American Dream Pie IS NOW. 
Thanks to the internet and my American privilege, I quit my job. 

It feels fantastic to have to work ten times harder for myself than watch a clock drag for someone else. Here's one of the first differences I notice in working for myself versus working for someone else … its a constant awareness and attitude change. Its not just tasks on a to do list anymore. Its activities and chores and brainstorming sessions and practicing and integrating what I like to do with my life, and turning that into a profitable way of living. Its taking the time to perfect a craft. The raw state of the human experience is challenged when you create a standard that's always raising and you're driven to contribute positive things into the world around you. Even if its as small as a healthy protein cookie, a good deed is payed forward when the intention is giving joy. 

I'm thankful to work alongside my gorgeous wife with her photography business, and my good friend and partner Drew in this bakery/clothing/fitness/who-knows-where-its-going business. I can't fall on my face because that's an arbitrary assumption, my success is goal free, and is based on happiness in the day to day. Let me tell you, it doesn't get any better than baking cookies, shooting rad photos of my smokin' hot wife, and lifting weights.

The freedom is counterbalanced with a weight of responsibility, which makes me pop out of bed with a little more spring in my step than commuting to a day job ever did. If I make zero dollars and learn a million lessons along the way, I'll consider my venture a huge success. If I make a few bucks along the way, Ill get to take care of all those I love simply by doing WHAT I love, and that, my friends, is amazing. 

I want to thank the ones who were mentoring me without even knowing the impact they had on my life, Ron and Karla Cheney, owners of Battlefield Vegas. You guys take such good care of your people and I hated to have to go, but I'm pretty sure that's all you ever wanted for me in the first place, so thank you for everything, your kindness won't be forgotten!

I hope my love and passion for food, fitness, humor, family, and the American Way comes through in all my products and services I offer to you here at 2A Nutrition. This is my baby and I just want you all to see how f*cking cute it is.